Benefits Of Buying A Hybrid Vehicle In Jefferson City, MO

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We all want to do our part to create a healthier and more sustainable planet. We also want to save money at the fuel pump. Driving a hybrid vehicle is a great way to improve your efforts with both actions. Honda of Jefferson City carries a number of hybrid Honda vehicles ranging from smaller sedans to more spacious SUVs. In fact, the hybrid CR-V is a big focus of ours at the dealership, and we have a goal of becoming the #1 CR-V dealer in all of Missouri.

Customers throughout Jefferson City and beyond will be in awe at our selection of Honda hybrids. We proudly serve customers from all over Missouri, including Eldon, Fulton, and Lake Ozark, MO. If you want to know more about driving a hybrid vehicle, be sure to reach out to us and ask us any questions you have!

What Is A Hybrid Vehicle?

Essentially, a hybrid vehicle combines elements of electric vehicles and traditional gasoline-fueled vehicles. A hybrid vehicle typically has at least one electric motor along with a gas-fueled engine. Electricity comes in the form of a high-voltage battery that is separate from the vehicle’s traditional battery, but the gas-fueled engine keeps the battery charged.

Reasons To Buy A Hybrid Vehicle Near Lake Ozark, MO

Hybrid vehicles are environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, and require less maintenance than traditional vehicles. In addition, Honda’s hybrid vehicles don’t require a plug-in for charging the way fully electric vehicles do. Hybrid vehicles emit fewer emissions and pollutants into the air, making cleaner air a greater possibility.

Honda’s Hybrid Vehicles: The CR-V And Accord

Both of Honda’s hybrid vehicles, namely, the CR-V and Accord hybrids, are great choices for anyone looking to jump on the hybrid bandwagon. The CR-V offers an incredible 204-horsepower hybrid powertrain, and outstanding fuel efficiency with 40 City MPG and 34 Highway MPG. It also offers a rugged design, and is great for weekend trips. The interior provides expanded cargo space, front seats that keep your body well-aligned, and a Bose premium audio system.

The hybrid version of the Honda Accord is a fierce force with the 204-horsepower hybrid powertrain. It offers great ways to stay connected through features such as Apple CarPlay compatibility, as well as Google Built-In amenities.

Differences Between A Hybrid And Non-Hybrid Vehicle

The most basic difference between a hybrid vehicle and one that isn’t a hybrid is the type of fuel or power it runs on. Fully electric vehicles rely on electric power, traditional vehicles are fueled by gasoline or diesel, and hybrid vehicles run on both a traditional gas-fueled engine and an electric engine, which work together. Hybrid vehicles also typically offer higher mileage than its traditional counterparts, and have a higher resale value.

Shop For Your Hybrid At Honda Of Jefferson City

If you want to experience the benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle, you’ll love the selection of Honda CR-V and Accord hybrid vehicles in our inventory at Honda of Jefferson City. You’ll save time and money at the fuel pump, and proudly do your part to create a greener, cleaner planet by reducing harmful emissions. Shop our inventory online or stop by at our dealership, and schedule a test drive in one of our Honda hybrids!

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